Fashion Trend in Pakistan: Peshawari Chappal

Spring is the most anticipated period of the calendar year, followed by winter and especially summer. Spring and the “spring season” refer to the seasons, as well as to the ideas of rebirth, change, transformation, and growth. As dry soil turns green so do people’s fashion trend in Pakistan changes (Peshawari chappal trend). To complement the special feelings, we have a special traditional chappal collection from the Pakhtun wardrobe for all Pakistanis and people living around the world with a love of subcontinental delicacy.

Peshawari Chappal Trend

Peshawari Chappals are a type of shoe originating from the Pakistani city of Peshawar and Charsadda. The latest fashion trend in Pakistan, they have been spotted on the feet of celebrities and influencers all over the world. This sandal has become a favorite of every individual in Pakistan. LUQ Store offers Peshawari Chappal with modern and trendy look.

1. Breath-taking Modern Designs

Footwear augment personality and leave a permanent impression on people. LUQ offers adjustable, enduring, and opulent Peshawari Chappals with sleek designs. It comes in several beautiful styles. Starting from double shade print to premium waist coat material, in traditional and new colors.

2. Comfortable And Convenient To Wear

The Chappal sole is made from tire which makes it slip-resistant complemented by in foam sole which makes it soft and easy to wear. You can comfortably put on the shoe and secure it with a buckle on one side. Perfect match with traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez clothing. No occasion is complete, without picking Peshawari Chappal.

3. Available in different designs

The famous Peshawari and Charsadda chappal are available in Zalmi, Zardari, traditional, markhor, and many more designs. You can always find a perfect pair for your personality and make a fashion statement.

4. Hand stiched and Made from original Leather

Pakistan is one of the biggest and finest leather export countries. Charsadda / Peshawari Chappal is therefore made from 100% durable original leather by LUQ. Master artisan sets their skill to display with fine stiching and finishing with a smooth and neat look. The sole consists of vegetable tanned leather for eco-friendly and long-lasting durability.

Hence, to keep the look trendy and fun, with modern, and traditional styles, check out shoes by LUQ online store. And astound people by demonstrating that you have what it takes to create a statement look. With elegance, luxury, and intricacy.

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