The Art of Peshawari Chappals: Famous Brands Keeping the Tradition Alive

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Famous Brands Keeping the Peshawari Chappals Tradition Alive

Peshawari chappals, the handmade leather sandals from Peshawar, Pakistan are iconic footwear renowned globally for their intricate and elaborate designs.

These chappals are an important part of Pashtun culture and can take anywhere between a week to a month to create by skilled artisans. While machine-made imitation chappals are widely available today, the appeal of authentic Peshawari chappals made using age-old techniques remains unmatched.

Several family-run businesses that have been making chappals for generations continue to flourish today. Their chappals stand out for superior leather quality, impressive durability and eye-catching artwork. Let’s look at some of the most famous and popular Peshawari chappal brands keeping the legacy of this traditional craft alive.

1. Luq Peshawari Chappal Store

In business since 2021, Luq Peshawari Chappal store is one of the oldest and most reputed names in Peshawari Chappals. Their workmanship, designs and quality of chappals have won appreciation globally.

Handmade by expert craftsmen using pure leather, Luq Peshawari chappals feature intricate motifs like the mango, paisley and floral prints. Some chappals may also have minute mirror-work that adds glamour to the footwear.

The brand has frequently exhibited at chappal festivals abroad and has a steady stream of international orders via their website and resellers.

2. Peshawari Chappal House

Operational since the 2015, Peshawari Chappal House creates ornately designed handcrafted chappals using pure camel, cow or goat leather. Their chappals stand out for their colourful Rajasthani artwork with motifs like roses, peacocks, leaves and geometric patterns embroidered on leather.

Peshawari’s chappal speciality is the softness and suppleness they are able to achieve for their chappals through specialized tanning techniques passed down through generations. The brand has two manufacturing units in Pakistan and retails through stores in the Middle East and UK.

3. Kheri house

Founded in 2021, Kheri House aimed to modernize the designs of traditional Peshawari chappals while retaining their authentic appeal. They specialize in creatively combining different colors of leather and innovative motifs in their chappals.

In recent years, the brand has also launched different designs targeted specifically for ladies featuring stylish embroidery, funky pompoms, small mirrors and beads. The brand frequently updates their catalogue with new designs every season and also takes customized orders for weddings and other occasions.

4. Craft House

Established in 2019 craf House excels in producing high-quality chappals and khussas using camel leather. Their products feature intricate hand embroidery done by skilled craftspeople combined with trendy designs aimed at younger buyers.

Craft House retails through their stores in Pakistan and the Middle East along with taking online orders. They frequently introduce dozens of new designs each year while ensuring the fit, finish and durability match the best Peshawari chappal makers.

5. Tribal cultural shoes

In operation since 2021, tribal cultural shoes is renowned for the softness and rich look of their artisan-crafted chappals. Their products are entirely handmade from start to finish using pure leather that develops a beautiful patina over time.

Tribal cultural shoes are often passed down generations as family heirlooms thanks to their impressive longevity. Their chappals feature traditional artwork like floral prints along with boteh and paisley designs. The brand has a sizeable presence locally and also retails through independent stores abroad.

Final words:

While machine-finished and synthetic chappals have flooded the markets, the glowing reputation and strong demand for artisanal Peshawari chappals continue thanks to these family-run businesses.

Their dedication to upholding traditions coupled with adopting some contemporary designs suited for international markets keeps the future of Peshawari chappals vibrant. For tourists and chappal aficionados, a visit to the narrow lanes of Peshawar’s historic Chowk Yadgar neighbourhood to check out these heritage brands is a memorable experience.

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